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May 29, 2023

Reiki, “The Little Engine That Could” and the Placebo Effect

One of my early memories is of a children’s board book that doubled as a TV cartoon and served as a gateway into a universe of […]
May 27, 2023

Integration is Important in our Reiki Practice with Reiki Women Podcasts

Today’s Reiki Women, Bronwen Logan and Michaela Daystar, discuss the importance of integrating the actual teachings of the system of Reiki into our teachings, practice, and […]
May 4, 2023

Reiki in Daily Life: Practical Tips and Advice for Incorporating Reiki into Everyday Routines

Incorporating Reiki into your daily routine can offer numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. By integrating Reiki practices into everyday life, you can reduce stress, maintain […]
May 4, 2023

Weaving Reiki into Daily Life with Reiki Women Podcasts

How do you incorporate the different elements of the system of Reiki into your life? Reiki Women, Bronwen Logan, Michaela Daystar and Carrie Varela, discuss firstly, […]
April 26, 2023

The Ways Reiki Re-Aligns Us With Nature on Reiki Women Podcasts

As Earth Day approaches, the Reiki Women, Carrie Varela, Michaela Daystar and Bronwen Logan, get passionate about the interconnectedness between the system of Reiki and Nature. […]
April 11, 2023

When Our Teachers Fall From Their Pedestal with Reiki Women Podcasts

After hearing some distressing news about the Dalai Lama today, two of the Reiki Women – Bronwen Logan and Michaela Daystar – get together to discuss […]