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Are you looking for a mentor for your Reiki Business or your Personal Life? Bronwen is the perfect Reiki coach: experienced and curious. To support you she also offers “pay what you can” subscription courses.

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Monthly TEA TIME with Friends

Calling all friends of Reiki with Bronwen! IT’S TEA TIME!
An online monthly get-together for a chat, a laugh and some heart-to-heart.


Online Weekly Reiju with Bronwen

Join Bronwen Logan for just 15 minutes a week to experience the perfect resonance of the Reiki initiation known as Reiju.


Online Reiki Coaching Group (Every Second Sunday)

It’s tough trying to practice on your own. In this group of like-minded Reiki practitioners, you can find a spiritual home. Be reminded why it is you practice the system of Reiki.

On-Demand Online Meditation Courses


Practice Distant Healing with Bronwen Logan (LIVE) | June 17th

Join renowned Reiki Author and Teacher Bronwen Logan for a 45-minute online zoom class which includes an immersive 30-minute distant healing practice that you will join to transform your healing practice.


The 7 Slumbers: Gentle Japanese Tales for Drifting off to Sleep

How did you sleep last night? Try my relaxing, wholesome, Reiki friendly experience that helps people wind down and fall asleep more easily. Take something sweet with you to sleep!


Waka Wisdom: 21 Days of Imperial Reiki Meditations

Experience the traditional Japanese Reiki method of integrating the short waka poems of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken into Japanese Reiki meditation.


The 7 Mothers: Strengthen Your Courage and Bravery in under 10 Minutes a Day

Come, Hold My Hand! Lets take a 7 Day Journey to a Brave New You!


The 7 Quiets: Some Shhhh for Under 10 Minutes a Day

Your 7-Day Journey to Inner Quiet!
Grant yourself a gift unlike any other – some quiet.


The 7 Gratitudes: A Journey Through Japanese Spiritual Wisdom in Under 10 Minutes a Day

A unique 7-day meditation that I have developed to enrich your spiritual practice from an authentic Japanese perspective using the Art of Gratitude.


The 7 Serenities: A Path to Calm and Relaxation in Under 10 Minutes a Day

Dive into a world of tranquility as we guide you through practical techniques and mindful practices to achieve inner peace and harmony.

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One thing I’ve loved about being involved in the system of Reiki, is the community that comes with it. I’ve met so many beautiful people who […]

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