Bronwen Logan, also known as Bronwen Stiene, is an educator in the Japanese art of Reiki, as well as a writer, an animal lover, a thinker, a podcaster, a feminist, and a catalyst for spiritual and personal empowerment. With 25 years of teaching experience and counting, Bronwen’s teachings extend beyond the conventional, inviting you to explore the deeper, transformative elements of the system of Reiki.

Bronwen’s interests include studying meditation from a variety of cultural influences, writing about her spiritual experiences from a philosophical and practical perspective, discovering more about the importance of Japanese culture and philosophy in the system of Reiki, embodying the role of women in the healing arts, supporting the wellbeing of animals through healing work and more.

A driving force in the Reiki community, Bronwen co-founded both the International House of Reiki and Shibumi International Reiki Association. She’s the co-author of respected works such as The Reiki Sourcebook, The Japanese Art of Reiki, and Your Reiki Treatment. Her extensive publications and teaching materials have been a cornerstone for students globally, offering guidance that blends scholarly accuracy with heart-centred intuition.

Bronwen’s soothing voice has guided many through Reiki audiobooks, blogs and a wide range of meditations and web classes. Always focused on her students’ well-being, Bronwen supports her work with certifications in Teaching Training and Assessment, TEFLA, Senior First Aid, and Counseling.

Living in Australia’s countryside, Bronwen teaches and offers treatments in the tranquil setting of Tomah Retreat in the Blue Mountains. Here, she has created a haven for the many rescue animals in her life and a venue for students to come and stay and study.

Bronwen is equally at home in the realm of virtual healing for those who can’t make the journey to Tomah Retreat. Her online courses include regular weekly, bi-weekly and monthly classes for students of her Reiki world, Reiki with Bronwen.

From her early studies with pioneering Reiki researchers Light and Adonea to meeting icons such as Mrs. Yamaguchi and studying with Pure Land teacher Hyakuten Inamoto, Bronwen’s roots in the practice run deep and wide. Her continuous exploration of the system  has also led her to study Qi Gong with notable teachers like Li Ying and Master Robert Peng.

In a world that often seeks to sideline the spiritual, Bronwen shines as an advocate for holistic well-being, especially elevating women’s voices within the Reiki community. Tune in to her “Reiki Women Podcasts” for enriching conversations that bridge the gap between the esoteric and the everyday.

Bronwen is an ally in your journey towards wholeness and grounded wellbeing. Whether you’re a beginner on this path or a seasoned traveller, her teachings offer something invaluable—a renewed sense of connection, purpose, and inner peace.


Listen to Bronwen being interviewed:

Bronwen’s current Podcast with Michaela Daystar and Carrie Varela is Reiki Women Podcasts which also includes regular practice classes.

Stay in touch with Bronwen through her Facebook Page, Facebook Group “Friends of Reiki with Bronwen“, Instagram Page, and Youtube Channel.

Here is a taste of some of Bronwen’s personal blogs

And finally, listen to Bronwen as she takes you through this Meditation Song The Breath of Reiki

Keep an eye out for her with her labrador Jasper!

The Breath of Reiki

What students and clients have to say about Reiki with Bronwen...

  • Mary

     I just wanted to say that I loved this meditation series. Bronwen, your voice is absolutely Divine! I would listen to anything you record! I loved that each meditation built upon the last and softly led the listener to a place of deep inner serenity. I will definitely listen again! With great gratitude…

  • Emma
    I love how you demystify Reiki practice and make it practical without losing the reverence and sacredness.
  • Jeannie
    Thank you for the wonderful practice today. I spent much of it with tears flowing....
    I'm so grateful to have been able to take part in your virtual practices this year. Your words and openness have touched me deeply -- thank you.
  • Charisse
    I had a big emotional release during the treatment. I cried and cried and let it all out. I saw myself as a kid in my minds eye so guess she was popping up for healing!
    I feel so much lighter and more positive now. I've got a bit of a headache but will drink lots of water and take it easy today - I've got my colored pencils and colouring book out which I always enjoy so that will help too.
    I'm feeling like myself again! Thank you!!
  • Tess
    I very much enjoyed the 21 day course in finding my voice. I have been meditating on the precepts daily and have really taken a liking to chanting, which I never really connected with previously. I really enjoy the vibration through my being and the stillness it creates. It feels strange not to have a recording in my inbox daily from you. I can't wait to take more courses with you. You are absolutely living your purpose. Your beautiful energetic spirit, amazing voice, and guidance kept me so grounded through my recovery. I'm back to work full-time today.. thx for your power, support, guidance,  wisdom, and calming vines. Wonderful to know you.
  • Janine
    Bronwen, I have been listening to your CD set, Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing, and have recommended it to my students. Your gentle, non-judgmental approach to meditation and to Reiki is an inspiration.
  • Emma
    The 21 Day Journey to Finding Your Voice with Bronwen was a magical experience. With poetry, chanting, quotes, meditation, and her own healing energy, she guided and nurtured us to a deeper, loving relationship with our True Self as expressed through the Precepts. The course opened a door through which one can live a life of beauty, integrity and strength. Thank you so much, Bronwen
  • Ruby
    This class is a must if you want to deepen and share with others the gift of meditation. Bronwen was very much  in tuned with each of her student that everyone became more confident within themselves. Thank you Bronwen for allowing me to grow with you and with the other beautiful soul in the class.  I truly enjoyed this class. Looking forward to the follow-up and meetups.
  • Jeannie
    Thank you for the wonderful practice today. I spent much of it with tears flowing....
    I'm so grateful to have been able to take part in your virtual practices this year. Your words and openness have touched me deeply -- thank you.
  • Nina Paul
    I love your book, The Reiki Sourcebook!! You have done an excellent job of research and writing for this sensitive but important material. Thank you for your meticulous effort to provide unbiased information on reiki, which will help keep reiki from drowning in controversy and ego.
    Nina Paul
  • Monique

    I attended the two-day face-to-face Shoden Reiki 1 training with Bronwen. The whole experience was truly amazing. Bronwen is an exceptional teacher and host. I have been interested in doing my Reiki training for some time now, and after a weekend with Bronwen, I am more motivated than ever. Thanking you Bronwen.

  • Carol
    Thank you very much. I felt immediately relaxed and my back pain is gone. I didn’t realize how much it bothered me until I got up this morning and didn’t feel it. I am very grateful.
  • Kacey
    An hour on Zoom with Bronwen and epiphanies abounded!
    It's amazing what a little introspection can do for the soul under her skillful, soulful guidance.
  • Yolanda
    So grateful for Bronwen guidance.  No better person could be chosen to lead our pathway to Finding Our Own Voice collectively and individually.  As for me this journey was important.
  • Candy
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the creative writing course and to thank you very much for your inspiration and encouragement. You gave me the confidence to have a go at the writing and I surprised myself what I managed to produce! I really enjoyed doing it and it has definitely helped me to get more from my meditation practice with looking at it from a different perspective. So many thanks once again Bronwen.
  • Melanie
    It was as if the veil of any illusion of differences between species was pulled back and we were just all there together. We all sat there for some time after the session "formally" ended. None of us wanting to leave the space. I've never received distant Reiki with them, that is with me actually included in the treatment. It was a profound experience and I know we are all even closer because of it. It feels as if we understand each other better. And it feels as if the energies we share received healing. All of the animals are very peaceful tonight. It was as if the Reiki energy just swirled around the property and house in the most magical way.
  • Gita
    Loved every class and a great investment of my time. Bronwen guided us to think a outside the box and took a gentle approach with us.  It was an opportunity to not only hone my meditation skills further but allowed me the confidence to write meditations and share it with the class. The group was global and each brought a different perspective to the classes.  Well worth doing Bronwen's meditation class and hope there is a part 2 , whatever format that may take.
  • Jasmine
    AMAZING Bronwen thank you. That was a two for one deal. She only stirred twice. Once when you were around her head I think. Thank you so much. She snored mostly through it. Looking forward to seeing how she's feeling. My entire body is vibrating my hands and arms tingling so strong. Some emotions were brought to the surface for me. Thank you thank you.
  • Sarah
    I would highly recommend this class. Bronwen's encouragement helped me to find my own unique voice through the process of preparation and creative writing. She provided us with a very clear structure to start from, which made it easier to get going and allow the creative process to flow. The class was very well organized with slides, group participation through talk or chat, PDF's for later review and of course Bronwen's invaluable insight and help during class and through email. I looked forward to each session, the group of participants were such a joy to get to know and each one left me so inspired. I feel a lot more confident writing and guiding my own meditations now and have been writing meditations since the class ended.
  • This class is fabulous. Bronwen is inspiring and so generous and supportive. I found my commitment to my practice deepened as well as my understanding of what my daily practice is for me. And, I began to become comfortable writing meditations and guiding them. Just an outstanding experience. Thank you, Bronwen.
  • Anna
    Such deep appreciation and gratitude for this class with you Bronwen , my internet kept disconnecting could hear and listen to all you shared which was deeply inspirational but was unable to post in chat or connect with microphone , so clearly was meant for me to simply listen and soak
    It all in ... thank you and so inspired and grateful that was lead to find your website , and love the synchronicity that you have been to the Japanese Gardens in Cowra as I was born and lived not far from there for the first 16 years of my life 🙏😌 and have just found and purchased some of your books on amazon ,
    Thank you for being you  and being here at this time that we are in and for shining and sharing the light
    I look forward to regularly checking in on your website and offerings
  • Janet
    I always learn so much from any course or program that I attend that Bronwen teaches. I have been creating guided Reiki (with animals) meditations for years now but I knew that I would be able to take what I am already creating, to a new level. I was so inspired. Thank you Bronwen for giving each of us some beautiful steps and techniques to use in our writing and meditation process. Each session we were given beautiful information and instructions that we would then put into practice in our own unique way. I loved listening to each of the other participants meditations. Each of us different but so beautiful and profound. We all actually have our own beautiful unique way of creating and sharing inspired guided meditations. I was so grateful for Bronwen's support and guidance as well as the feedback from the group. If you are considering creating your own guided meditations or deepening your meditations you must take this course. Thanks Bronwen.
  • Mary
    I have struggled to keep up a daily practice and you have made it possible for me, as a retired person, to participate and get back to my Reiki. Also your Reiju is super powerful and lovely.
  • Carrie
    I had to share and thank you for your the meditation CD. The day it arrived I put it the car and that afternoon I was working with a special needs adult with ADD. She was becoming increasingly anxious and upset.  I put on the CD and when she heard your voice she calmed down. We continued together to do the breathing into the hara while I was driving and it was amazing, we both were feeling balanced and relaxed.
  • Tiffany
    My voice and body feel freer from all of the inspired writing, meditating, and dreaming from Bronwen, the other participants, and this course.  If appropriately titled, my yoga classes might be currently called "moving meditation."  There is a sense of connection with what I am able to give to my students unlike anything I have ever experienced before, and the result is a resounding "yes" from them to continue whatever it is that my sharing is transforming into.  Awe inspiring? If not, I am closer to awe than ever before, and won't stop trying to achieve that description.