Have you tried Bronwen's new "Waka Wisdom: Imperial Reiki Meditations" yet?

With “Friends of Reiki with Bronwen”

Calling all friends of Reiki with Bronwen! IT’S TEA TIME! An online monthly get-together for a chat, a laugh and some heart-to-heart.

Bronwen Logan is inviting you to join her and other Reiki friends in creating a nurturing and supportive online environment where we can connect, share our journeys, and find strength and inspiration from one another.

It’s a casual, fun and sharing environment that will take its own shape each session, depending on who attends and what they would like to chat about.

This online group will be backed up by the FRIENDS facebook group. Come and join us there.

How Does Tea Time work?

Bring a snack, a cup of tea, coffee or whatever takes your fancy, plus a story or two you’d like to share, a listening ear and an open heart.

When: Once a month, every second Monday in US and UK, every second Tuesday in Australia. It’s always at Bronwen’s Sydney time, 7am Tuesday.
How: On zoom (you will receive notifications 24 hours prior and 1 hour prior as reminders. There’s also a great clock on the zoom page). The link to zoom is below!
Length: Approximately an hour
Cost?: Nope, it’s free!

Group Guidelines and Agreements:

  • This is a safe and confidential space where we can share openly without fear of judgment.
  • Active listening, respect, and empathy towards each other’s stories and perspectives is a prerequisite.
  • Share from personal experience rather than giving unsolicited advice.
  • Keep the Reiki Precepts at the heart of every conversation.

See you there!

x B