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Are you a Reiki practitioner looking to enhance your ability to sense the connection with clients or loved ones through distant healing?

Join renowned Reiki Author and Teacher Bronwen Logan for a 45-minute online Zoom class, which includes an immersive 30-minute distant healing practice that you will join to transform your healing practice.

Bronwen draws on her experience as a Reiki researcher and professional distant healing practitioner working with clients (and often their pets) from around the world.

In this session, Bronwen will guide you through the practice of distant healing by creating a circle of awareness, and by sharing her expertise and proven techniques. As you create the perfect mindset and chant the appropriate mantra, you’ll experience a profound sense of interconnection.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting your healing journey, this class is designed to help you develop and refine your distant healing skills. You’ll develop a deeper, more meaningful interconnection with those who seek healing.

To prepare for this experience, simply bring a photo of someone you wish to practice distant healing with. Bronwen will work with you to establish a powerful energetic understanding, allowing you to witness firsthand the incredible potential of distant healing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your healing skills. Join Bronwen Logan for this 45-minute online Zoom class and unlock the powerful practice of distant healing.

Book your spot now and take the first step towards elevating your healing practice to new heights.

Class Details:

  • June the 17th (5pm New York EST, 2pm PST, 10pm London), June the 18th (7am Sydney)
  • 45-minute Zoom class, which includes 30 minutes of distant healing practice (inline with professional standards!).
  • Taught by Reiki Author and Teacher Bronwen Logan
  • Suitable for practitioners of all levels
  • Bring a photo for practice
  • Reminder attendance email notifications will be sent to you 24 hours and 1 hour prior
  • A recording will be made available after the class if you can’t make the live class

Invest in yourself and your healing abilities. Sign up today!

Complementary Webclass to Practice Distant Healing

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